What To Do With The Last Tomatoes

What To Do With The Last Tomatoes

Update On My Tomatoes In GrowBags And Potatoes In Grow Bags - What To Do With The Last Tomatoes

Wondering what to do with the last tomatoes? There are lots of tomato dishes that you can make when the tail end of the tomato harvest is upon you and the tomatoes ripen faster than you can make salads. Some of my friends make pasta sauce, make tomato pickles or fried green tomatoes.

We have the tendency to roast the overabundance of season end tomatoes and freeze them, so that we can make soups and chicken or meat dishes during the winter. What ingredients we use other than tomatoes isn’t always consistent. However, we usually use at least tomatoes and olive oil. Here are the different ways we roasted ours this year:

Roast Tomatoes With Garlic

. Garlic
. OliveOil
. Basil, cut.
. Tomatoes (Cut In 1 Inch Pieces)

Spread tomato pieces on cookie sheet. In pan, brown garlic in olive oil. Pour olive oil and garlic over tomatoes. Mix in basil. Roast in oven at 350 degrees. Remove from oven and let cool. Put in freezer bags and use In your favorite winter recipes.

Roast Tomatoes With Onions

. Sliced Onions
. Olive Oil
. Basil

Use same process as above and freeze roasted tomatoes.

Roast Tomatoes With Onions And Garlic – we followed the same pro secure as the above to recipes but had both garlic and onions together. This was the best mixture.

You can also use same ingredients in a large pan instead of roasting on a cookie sheet and cook for a few minutes in the pan. I don’t think this turns out quite as good. You can also use herbs other than basil or in addition to basil, such as oregano or thyme. This gives you some wonderful roasted tomatoes that you can use throughout the winter, if they last that long. And they let you enjoy produce from your garden into the winter.

With the last of the home grown tomatoes harvested, you could be still putting in a few winter crops to make full use of your garden space.  You may already be doing this and even doing it organically.


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