Mosaic Monday – Last Gasp Of Summer

Mosaic Monday – Last Gasp Of Summer

Mosaic Monday - Last Gasp Of Summer

Here it is Mosaic Monday again, and we are having one last gasp of summer.  A week ago temperatures were near 90 degrees, yesterday it got above 80 and today we had a very blowey and rainy day and the temperature was significantly lower.  A tree across the street is beginning to turn and our burning bush is starting to show a blush of red.  Here are is a mosaic that shows a bit of our end of summer side by side with what is left of our summer blooms.

Our three kitties love the garden an this first photo shows our little orange boy, Raja, peeking out from the flowering quince.

Out and about in Oregon, we went down by the Willamette River to see the Willamette Queen, a paddle wheel boat.  This is a really cool boat which is a functioning paddle wheel.  It does cruises on the river and has dinner cruises.  We have yet to do this, but I think it would really be fun.

This is Clematis Ruutel and it is getting a second wind.  I had pruned this one way down, because it had developed clematis wilt. It promptly resprouted and now I am getting blooms again.  I love the color of this one.

The next photo is of Esther, who is our 13 year old cat.  She is doing what she does naturally, sleep in the garden.

We came across this cool covered bridge on a recent trip to the Oregon coast.  It was built in 1914.

And this next photo is of trees starting to turn color in one of our local parks.  A lot of the trees are now starting to turn.  I love the Autumn color display.

Some of our roses are still hanging on and continuing to bloom. They are not showing any sign of letting up.  I’m happy about that.

Our neighbor has a contorted filbert that hangs over into our yard.  It has quite a harvest of small hazelnuts on it which the squirrels love.  My cats sit and watch.  Can you see the squirrel in the tree?

Now, here is truly the last gasp of summer with our tomatoes.  I stopped watering them about two weeks ago, and they proceeded to dry up.  And the tomatoes obliged by ripening like mad.  Today, we picked the bulk of what is left of our tomatoes.

And our hydrangeas are still going strong.  This hydrangea bush is getting huge.  Need to do some good pruning next spring.

This beautiful stage coast, has been fully restored.  We found this beauty on the same property as the covered bridge above.

And last, but not least, is Zoe.  She is our little black twitty kitty.  She just loves to roll in the pathway, as you can see.

That’s about it for this Mosaic Monday.  What I have blooming in my garden is getting less and less, but there is still something to see.  Now, I am starting to do fall cleanup.  Thanks for coming by.  You can see some of the other great gardens on the garden tour hostessed by Little Red House.


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