Potatoes In Grow Bags – Final Harvest

 Potatoes In Grow Bags – Final Harvest

Potatoes In Grow Bags - Final Harvest 

Well, I now have the final harvest of my Potatoes In Grow Bags. Seeing that the foliage has now turned yellow, I decided to dump the potatoes out of my Grow Bags and see what kind of harvest I have. I have been getting bunches of potatoes for some time now by grubbing around in the grow bag. I have been growing both Yukon Gold and Fingerling potatoes.

I finally took both bags. And turned them upside down on the ground and gathered up all of the potatoes. First, I dumped the bag of Yukon Gold and then the Fingerling. I did not get huge amounts of either variety, but then, I have been harvesting all along. Still, I had hoped for more. The other thing, was that the potatoes remained rather small and more cooking and seedling size rather than baking size. Still, this is not at all a bad thing since the potatoes have been very tender and sweet.

Will I try grow bags again to grow potatoes? Think the answer is yes. I am willing to give them another try, especially since I have been rather unhappy with the potting soil mixture I used – too much peat moss. I will try a potting soil with additional organic matter in it and will take a look at the kind of fertilizer I use when I plant next year.  And the potatoes I got, although small, are very tasty and less work to cut when cooking.

I also noticed that, as suspected, the grow bags dry out rather quickly, so you need to water a little more frequently, which could also make some nutrients leech from the bag. I will keep an eye on this next year. I may also set up all my pots and grow bags on their own drip system to make them easier to manage.

I certainly do like the convenience of having Grow Bags that I can put anywhere in my home garden when I don’t have a large space for a lot of veggies. So I do want to give them an adequate trial.



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