Mosaic Monday – August 29, 2011

Mosaic Monday – August 29, 2011

It’s Mosaic Monday again and here are some of the beautiful flowers and creatures in my garden at the end of August.  My crocosmia is gone, as are most of my daylilies, but new things are starting to bloom and others are still going strong.  I hope all of you East Coast folks have weathered Irene OK or will be quickly on the mend.

Mosaic Monday 8-29-11

Here are some of my flowers for this Monday morning:

Starting with Raja – the Orange Boy crouching in the grass.  He is looking for birdies.  Bad kitty.  But that’s what cats do.

Next comes my peachy colored rose.  This is one of my very old roses that came with the house.  I have no idea which one this is.

The white daylily is called “Sunday Gloves”.  I bought this beauty at the Seattle Home And Garden Show this last March.

These pretty mums bloom most of the summer, but got started late this year.  I don’t really know what variety they are, since they came with the house when we bought it.

My hydrangea also was here when I moved in.  It is a beauty that is showing more blue this year than last.  I plan to add some dolomite lime to one of my hydrangeas so I can have a little more pink on at least one of them.  I think it will be cool to have one blue and one pink.

The tiny fuschia is one of the little hardy fuschias that I bought at a plant sale this spring.  This one is “RYS 2001”.

I planted my morning glories late this year and here they are just starting to flower.  I have some pretty white and pink ones blooming too.

This cranesbill geranium is one that starts with vivid pink flowers which age to a vivid purple-blue.  It is called “Tiny Monster”.

My bright red hanging basket has been dong great in our hot summer (well, not so hot compared to folks who have been getting 100’s, but hot to me).  I found a red and yellow lantana, which I hope will overwinter well and some red wave petunias to make my basket.

My pretty little dahlia is a new one that I also bought from a catalogue this spring.  This one I have in a pot this year.  It is called “Edge of Joy”.  I really like it.

And here is my white “Rosa Rugosa Alba”.  I love my rugoas.  I’m now starting to get some ripening rose hips.  Waiting to make jam.

I love Brazilian Verbea with all of it’s waving, airy blooms floating above the foliage and anything else that is in the garden.  This one is a volunteer, because I have not planted any here.

That is about it for what’s blooming in my garden on this beautiful Monday morning.  Now, I think I will go and take a tour of some of the other gardens on Mosaic Monday at Little Red House.


6 Replies to “Mosaic Monday – August 29, 2011”

  1. Thanks for naming your plants. I am starting to make (another!) list, and love your Tiny Monster. I hope you’ll do a post on rose hip jam!


    1. Holley,

      Those rose hips are getting riper and riper. At least this year I’m keeping better track of them, so they don’t get over ripe and begin to deteriorate. Looking forward to making rosehip jam.



    1. Jill,
      Thank you for coming by. I dropped by your blog and your lemon tarts made my mouth water. I love lemon tarts.

      I did a double take at the picture of the beautiful apricot blossoms, until I realized you are in Australia. Isn’t the internet wonderful. We can see what is happening with others separated by many miles.

      Enjoy your spring.



  2. Karen,
    Thanks for comIng by. This has been a very nice summer with so much giving a nice display. Beginning to wind down now, but the fall foliage is just beginning hint of a coming show.


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