Update On My Tomatoes In Grow Bags And Potatoes In Grow Bags

Tomatoes In Grow Bags And Potatoes In Grow Bags Update

I want to give an update on my tomatoes in Grow Bags and potatoes in Grow Bags. Well, we got to mid August before my tomatoes finally started to show some color. This was just as I had suspected. I have long been harvesting some of my potatoes, and now the foliage is just about dead. It is almost time to harvest the rest.  Here is a little video of my “huge” tomato harvest.

My tomatoes, on the other hand, have taken forever to ripen, just as I suspected. But now, I finally had my first harvest two days ago – one lonely tomato. Yesterday I managed to harvest four more tomatoes. More of the tomatoes are now starting to ripen, and I should expect more in the days to come. I just hope that they will all ripen before the cold weather starts. Because that is what happens here in the Pacific Northwest.

The tomato foliage has now started to yellow and the plants are stressed in our August heat. I don’t think that the heat is the only culprit. I also believe that the potting soil I used had too much peat moss in it, and not enough other organics. I did put slow release fertilizer. However, I do not believe this was enough, as some of my tomatoes also have blossom end rot, which indicates a calcium deficiency. The nutrients may also be leeching out of the Grow Bags, because they areporous. I am also not getting as many tomatoes as usual. I will try to use different potting soil next year one that does not have as much peat moss.  I will give a final opinion of the grow bags after that. 

The late blight that I had feared, has not materialized, although I did see some rust on my tomatoes and what appears to be some septoria leaf spot on my tomatoes.  At least the fruit itself is intact, except for the blossom end rot, and even that I can cut off.  Here is another little video about my tomato blight paranoia.  I had fun making this one.

All in all, I am fairly happy that I am starting to get tomatoes. I just hope that I will be able to harvest most of my tomatoes before it starts to really get cold the end of next month here in my garden in the Willamette Valley Oregon.




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  1. Every year is different. I guess that’s a good thing. I hate the disappointing years, but we do learn from them. My hope is one year I’ll do everything right! Think that will ever happen? 😉


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