What Vegetables Can I Plant In August

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Creative Commons License photo credit: ljmacphee  Crimson Clover

What vegetables can I plant in August? It seems like such a short time ago that I was asking that question about July. Yet, here we are. Do you still want to plant veggies for an fall vegetable harvest? Or or maybe you want a winter vegetable harvest or even an early spring vegetable harvest. It’s not too late, there are still some thing that you can plant, even cover crops like this gorgeous crimson clover.

Previously I suggested looking up exact planting date information about from your local Cooperative Extension due to the fact that planting dates can be different for different climates. The same is still true, although now we are going to find mostly cool weather crops are the only ones you can plant.

In my area I’m finding that vegetables ones that I can plant in the Willamette Valley Oregon in August are:

Cover crops, kale, Brussels sprouts, turnips, parsnips, parsley, peas, cabbage, broccoli, kohlrabi, leaf lettuce, onions, mustard, fava beans, endive. I could even try some others if I wanted to build a cold frame. (I would love to have one.)

I don’t plan on starting anything now, but don’t let that stop you. I do, however, plan to plant some crimson clover as a cover crop. It is so pretty when it blooms, and it is nitrogen fixing, too. And I might consider some onions.

Now, just to update you on the vegetables I planted in July. The beans are a foot and a half tall. The cucumbers were taken in one night by slugs (except for two lonely plants). And the carrots are coming along nicely. I had not planned to plant any lettuce, but a packet of arugula called to me, so I scattered the seeds in the container that had contained some spent lettuce. Well, the arugula did not get toasted in the July sun, and the lettuce actually came back to life and is growing like gang busters. Lucky me.

Well, that’s it. These are vegetables I can plant in August in my home garden, if I want to, in my Zone 8 Willamette Valley Oregon garden. This is the general type of things that you can plant, but for more exact information, be sure to check with your local Cooperative Extension.




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  1. We are living in a different climate, where plants can be grown anytime of the year….. So weather like yours, encourage gardeners to be meticulous.


    1. Bangchik,
      I am envious of you that you are able to grow veggies all year long. I was able to do that when I lived in Southern California, but not here. There are some winter crops like onions, and beets that can overwinter if it doesn’t freeze too hard or if you use a cold frame, but not everything.



  2. Very nice post, it definitely gets you thinking further about what can be planted! Thanks for sharing your gardening tips! Have a great weekend! Happy Gardening! Mindy


    1. Mindy,
      Thanks for coming by and Happy Gardening to you too. I need to seriously look for somewhere I can buy crimson clover seeds. I would like to try it in a section of the garden as a cover crop. Looking like will be perfect for getting outside.


  3. I plant white clover in my raised beds because it’s easier to find in my area garden centers. Do you think there’s an advantage to crimson clover over white clover for your soil?


    1. Bill,
      I want to plant crimson clover because it it just plain beautiful in spring. You do need to cut it back and even till it in after it is exhausted, since this is an annual, though.

      I do like your idea of using white clover, since I could use it in my garden beds and not have to till it in if I didn’t want to. It’s just not as pretty.



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