Urban Gardens And Urban Farms – New Proposal In Chicago

I recently wrote about a woman in Oak Park MI who had a problem with the city over establishing an urban garden in her front yard. I’m happy to report that this got resolved in her favor.

Not all cities are as backward over the issue of front urban gardens or front yard gardens. As the economy has become more difficult and more people want to grow their own vegetables, some cities are encouraging them.

One of the more noteworthy endeavors is the city of Chicago. A proposal has gone before the Chicago city council that would reduce restrictions on urban gardens and urban farms and potentially increase jobs. The proposed ordinance focuses on some blighted neighborhoods, but would benefit everyone who is interested in community gardens or who would have easier access to urban farms.

. The proposed ordinance would increase the space allowed for community gardens to 25000 square feet.
. Utilize vacant lots and turn them into urban gardens or farms
. Ease parking and fencing restrictions for larger commercial urban farms
. People could sell their produce on site
. And with increased urban farms comes the possibility of increased jobs.

Several bloggers, including Glenns Garden, Survival And Prosperity and Chicago newspapers have commented on the proposed ordinance, which is being introduced, with a vote expected in September.

All of these would be welcome additions to a move to more urban gardens and urban farms. In fact, why not open these possibilities in even more urban environments. I have had my garden in community gardens before and loved the experience. So Chicago – Get Gardening!


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