I Joined Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

Dahlia In The Rain

I joined Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day. I thought it would really be fun to share with a bunch of other garden bloggers and with everyone else just what is growing in my garden on the 15th of the month. Well, this isn’t the 15th but it is close enough.

My garden is a Zone 8 garden in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon. And here are just a few of the things that I have blooming.

Above you saw one of my very favorite dahlias.  This is the first one that bloomed this year.
My Two Hydrangeas Just Starting To Bloom

Now, my two hydrangeas are just now starting to bloom.  Can’t wait till they are in full bloom.
Shasta Daisies and Oregano Blooming

The Shasta Daisies and Oregano are really blooming now.  All the bees are coming.  Gotta watch out where I step now.

Echinacea In My Volcano Strip

I have some Echinacea blooming in my Volcano Strip

Crocosmia 'Lucifer'

And my Crocosmia Lucifer just now started blooming a few days ago.

And last, but not at all least is one of my favorite daylilies.  This mauvy pink daylily has a beautiful maroon throat.

There are many more things blooming in my garden this month, but too much to show.  Definitely, hope to do this again next month.


4 Replies to “I Joined Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day”

    1. Scott,
      Thank you. The previous owner had planted both the daisies several different kinds of oregano to attract bees. The blooms and foliage of the different oreganos are each a little different, which we really enjoy.


  1. The echinacea looks great – Not sure if it grows where I live – it looks exactly like it does in the posters at the health shop. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi Merewether,

      Thank you for coming by. Echinacea grows in USDA hardiness zones 3-9 (and even 10 or better), and are drought tolerant. As nearly as I can tell, this translates roughly to Australia hardiness zone 3 or 4. I would say that if they offer plants or seeds in your nurseries, it would be something you could try. Here they are very popular, and all kinds of colors and a few different forms are being offered.



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