Update On Tomatoes In Grow Bags And Potatoes In Grow Bags

I wanted to get an update about my potatoes in grow bags and tomatoes in grow bags, as well as some other of my vegetables that I have in either grow bags or pots.

As you can see in my brief video I have a nice harvest of potatoes in grow bags. The foliage on the potatoes is starting to get a little ratty now, but I’m getting a nice harvest on on a regular basis and you can see those I harvested today. These are both Yukon gold and fingerling potatoes. Can you believe the large misshapen one is actually a fingerling potato?

As for my split test on tomatoes in grow bags versus tomatoes in pots, I am finding that the foliage on those in the grow bags seems to be doing better and those in pots. So far both are producing flowers but none have produced any fruit set as yet. I don’t expect any fruit set until the end of this month, since that is when we usually start to get it in my area. We will see what the tomato production actually is.

The beans and cucumbers. I planted a little over a week ago in a grow bag seem to be doing quite well as you can see there are growing nicely. What is surprising to me though is that the lettuce which we had all but discarded seems to be reviving, and is producing more lettuce leaves. I guess that is because the summer has not been too hot here. What I have done now, is to sow a little bit of arugula in the same pot and that is now sprouting. So I expect to have arugula along with the lettuce for awhile longer.

I can’t wait until the beans and cucumbers start to grow up. I am excited about my experiments with vegetables in containers and grow bags in my home garden.


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