I’m Harvesting Oregon Strawberries

I’m harvesting Oregon strawberries right now. I originally got these strawberries about 12 years ago as a no-name experimental Washington strawberry. I can say that they are wonderful.

My strawberries are a June bearing strawberry that usually starts ripening around the middle of June and will go through about the middle of July and sometimes to the end of July.

This is the third garden I have grown in. I don’t have many formal planting beds in my garden because everything is pretty much a flower bed. However, I will say that I have planted the strawberries in my raised bed and quite a few of them have escaped to grow around the edge of my house.

Some of them have escaped close to the fence with a neighbor who unfortunately uses a fair amount of herbicides. I do not harvest the strawberries from there. I just let the slugs I haven’t killed have those.

These Oregon strawberries are some of the sweetest and most flavorful I have ever had. I sure wish I knew whether they had ever given them a name. I can make all kinds of nice jam, toppings for ice cream and cake, and just for putting on the top of my cereal. This is such a wonderful time of year.

I hope to make yet another bed for some of these wonderful home grown Oregon strawberries in my garden. Right now I will enjoy the ones I have. Yumm!

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