How To Make A Worm Bin

How To Make A Worm Bin – It’s Easy

Worm composting or vermiculture is a wonderful way to get quick, rich worm compost for your garden.  I previously showed you how to make a worm tower and compost tea.  Now I will show how to make a worm bin the easy way and one that is a little more traditional.

Worm composting bins are easy to make, and this is one of the easiest.  It is not a fancy, double decker worm bin, but uses only one plastic box.

What you will need:

. 1 plastic box with 2 lids
. Torn newspaper (no colored or glossy paper)
. Red wiggler worms (you can buy these from your nursery or better yet, get from a friend)
. Several bricks
. Water
. Kitchen scraps

How to make worm compost bin:

. Drill holes around the top of the plastic box and in one lid (about every inch)
. Drill drainage holes in the bottom of the box
. Place second lid on bottom to catch any water drainage, put bricks on top of that to make a stand for the worm bin, place worm bin on top of that.
. With worm bin constructed, take strips of newspaper and moisten them, wring out excess water.  Place these in worm bin until about 2/3 full of fluffed up moist newspaper strips.
. Scatter red wriggler worms on top of newspapers.
. Bury some kitchen scraps and let the worms eat them and poop and make more baby worms.
. Keep adding more food every few days to a week and keep the bedding moist.  You can do this by misting the bedding.
. Keep the worm bin in a dark location that is not too hot or too cold.

Collecting the worm compost:

Make a worm bin, Old worm farm (1 of 7)
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After about 3 months (more or less) all of the bedding and food should be consumed and you can collect the worm compost from your worm compost bin.

. Pull the worm compost to one side of the bin
. Place new worm bedding (newspaper strips) on the other side.
. Add kitchen scraps.
. Let sit for several days until all the worms have traveled over to the side with the new bedding and food.
. Now you can take out your wonderful worm compost.

Use the worm compost in your garden or make worm compost tea.  Now you can watch the plants grow in your home garden.


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