Potatoes In Grow Bags Update – First Harvest

I wanted to report back on my container gardening efforts and specifically about my potatoes in grow bags. Today is June 25, and I made my first harvest. I had planted Yukon Gold and some fingerling potatoes. I was able to harvest a few of each kind.

I am very happy with the results of my grow bags. I am in the Willamette Valley in Oregon in a zone 8 garden. I find that the bags stay nice and warm and that the potatoes have grown very quickly, more quickly than if I had them in the ground. And now I find that I am actually getting harvest much earlier than I would if I had planted them in the ground.

So far, I can say that I am really happy with these grow bags. I think I will be expanding my use of them in the garden in the future. I have one of a grow bag that I have not yet planted, but I plan to add this to my container garden tomorrow.


2 Replies to “Potatoes In Grow Bags Update – First Harvest”

  1. I’ve never used grow bags before but I might give it a try after watching your video.

    I’m using LOTS of old buckets, containers, veg racks, washing up bowls and anything that will hold soil for my spuds. It does mean that sometimes there’s not enough depth of soil so the grow bag idea might be better.

    My potatoes won’t be ready for another week or so as I planted them quite late (ironically, they are ‘earlies’!).

    This is an exciting time for veg gardeners all over the world as they see their hard labour starting to bear fruit (and veg!).



    1. Alan,
      The grow bags do, indeed, provide quite a bit of depth for the potatoes to go down as well as a fair amount of width. Of course, this means I need a lot of potting soil.

      What I won’t do in the future is put as many potato eyes in as the directions indicate — too many, IMHO. I’m looking forward to a lot of my two favorite potatoes this year.



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