How To Build A Pergola

How To Build A Pergola

 How to Build a pergola, Pergola #2
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Summer is upon us. It is not too late to find a way to stay out of the sun and still be able to enjoy your garden. If you would like to know how to build a pergola to shade you from the sun here are some simple, basic pergola plans and instructions.

You can also increase the amount of shade your pergola provides by growing vines up over them or using shade cloth or other screening material. Also, you can find many other pergola designs and plans for your garden projects.,,75409-VIDEO,00.xml&channel=75409

To Build A Pergola you will need:

lag bolts
galvanized deck screws
4 x 4 post
2 x 10s
2 x 6s
2 x 4s

Building A Pergola

First: You need to select your site. The sign should be level are graded to make it level.

Second: Locate where you will put your posts. You can do this by sticking a small piece of rebar in the ground to mark the spot. Do this for each succeeding post hole. To make sure that they are square measure the diagonals as well.

Dig your post holes. In general the post holes should be 24 inches deep by 9 inches wide. However, check with your municipality to find out if there are any specific regulations. You also need to check with the utilities so that they can mark where they are.

Third: Set your posts in the holes you just dug. For gravel in the bottom for drainage. Brace your posts using a level and some two by fours to keep the posts up right. Now mix your cement and pour into the hole up to 1 inch below the surface. Let the cement cure for 24 hours.

Fourth cut the tops of your posts so they are all level.

Fifth: Put up your support beams. You should get precut support beams and precut rafters for your project. I catch one support beam on either side of your posts and screw them in place

Sixth: arrange your rafters so they are evenly spaced about 1 foot apart. Screw the rafters in place.

Seventh: Now drill holes through the support beans and the post and insert the bolts for each post.

Eighth: Now your pergola is ready for staining or painting.

Ninth: Enjoy your diy pergola. It will give you even more enjoyment of your garden.



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