Spring Nature Trip To A Peony Farm

We took another spring nature trip to see peony farm this weekend call Adelman’s Peonies. It’s in Salem Oregon very near where we live. We had a great time. We saw lots of peonies all in bloom and were gorgeous. We took lots of pictures mostly of ones we liked, and we purchased two peonies, one called Madame Butterfly which is maroon with a frilly center, and Sarah Bernhardt which is pink and very very fragrant.

Here is a short video of the peonies that we saw at the peony farm we really like them I hope that you will too. As you can see, I have focused on a lot of magenta peonies. That is the one color that is missing in my garden. I have whites, pinks and reds, but no deep pink or magenta….at least not until now.

We are very excited about our purchases from the peony farm and I think they will really add to the peony collection that we already have. Of course we saw several others that we would love to have, but that can wait for another time. I do plan to order at least one of them, so I can have it for bare root planting this fall.

Peonies are another of my plant addictions. It’s a good thing that they take up as much room as they do, otherwise, I would have many more in my garden.

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