Potatoes In Grow Bags

Potatoes In Grow Bags – Container Gardening

Here is the latest update on my container gardening with vegetables. I have planted several tomatoes and potatoes in grow bags. The potatoes I have are Yukon Gold and fingerling potatoes. They are doing really well.

My potatoes are really starting to grow. They started out from tiny little nubs that I think I showed you in a previous video. Now they have gotten huge and have just mushroomed. I am looking forward to them getting flowers soon and to little baby potatoes sometime later on. I am really looking forward to having home grown potatoes this summer. I love Yukon Gold, but i particularly like the fingerling potatoes. So far, they are both looking good.

I took a video that shows some of the growth that my potatoes have put on. They are really doing well. I love how big they are getting. And I am quite happy with these grow bags, so far. They seem to keep my plants warm. I just worry that when it gets warmer, that they will dry out quickly. I will keep watch on that.

I am also growing tomatoes in grow bags. They are also getting large. I am looking forward to having a good crop of potatoes soon. And that is what is going on with the vegetable container gardening in my home garden.

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