House Painting Is Landscaping Too

New House Paint Colors (gray-green)

I like to think that house painting is landscaping too. How many times have you seen a television show or home and garden show that talks about curb appeal. I know I’ve seen lots of them. Of course, I watch HGTV and the DIY channel all of the time and see all of these broadcasts.

However it’s true. One of the first things that they talk about on when they mention curb appeal is doing something to spruce up the exterior house color so that it looks pretty from the street. And they usually start by putting on a fresh coat of paint on the house

Then they start talking about what plants they will add or rearrange to enhance curb appeal.  And they also talk about plant colors that go nicely with the house color. Therefore, I am very inclined to think that putting a fresh coat of paint on my house improves its curb appeal, and improves the way the plants look next to the house. Hence, this is also landscaping.
Old House Paint Colors (beige)

The original color of our house was a simple beige with a lighter beige contrasting trim around the top of the gables. Now we have painted the house a nice gray green which contrasts quite a bit more with the red brick that was already there. We also added a light beige trim along the corners of the house, the gables, and the downspouts. To this, we added a dark terra-cotta red accent color,which contrasts even more with the green.

I believe that this adds more contrast, enhances the color of the plants next to the house, and creates better curb appeal than we previously had.  We believe at this enhances not only the look of our house but also the look of our garden. I’m hoping that you will agree with me.

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