How To Make Compost Tea

How To Make Compost Tea

Compost Tea takes composting to the next level.  Compost tea is made by steeping aged compost in water.  Compost tea provides a rich well balanced organic supplement for vegetables and flowers.  There are a few different compost tea recipes and methods for how to make compost tea.  The best part of all, is that it can be made at home either with compost tea brewers or a simple pail and stir stick.

Some of the benefits of compost tea are:

. Compost tea increases plant growth. 
. The nutrients in compost tea are more quickly absorbed  than some other fertilzers.
. The nutrients found in compost become concentrated and greens up plants and increases their size.
. Beneficial organisms are provided for the plants, which boost the plant immune systems.  Nutrients are easier for the plant to absorb.
. Well made compost provides beneficial bacteria which has an immunizing effect for plants against disease.  This wards off both bacterial and fungal diseases.

So how do you make compost tea?  The steps for basic compost tea are easy.

. Fill a bucket 1/3 full of mature compost
. Add water to top of bucket (if water is chlorinated, let it sit for an hour before adding to compost.)
. Stir mixture and let sit for 3-4 days.  Stir frequently to keep aerated.  Unaerated compost tea will cause anaerobic processes, which you don’t want. 
. Strain the mixture through cheesecloth, burlap, siev or other porous material.  Add the solids into mulch in the garden or return it to the compost bin.  You now have concentrated compost tea.
. Next, dilute the compost tea 10:1 and use immediately in the garden.  (Concentrated compost tea can be too hot for your plants and burn then if not diluted.)
. The compost tea can be used around the roots of plants or as a foliar spray.  If you are using as a foliar spray, add 1/8 vegetable oil or dish washing liquid to help adhere to plant leaves.

If you want a little more complex approach, you can use compost tea brewers with pumps to keep the compost tea aerated.  And you can add molasses to provide sugar for the microbes to feed on.  There are also a range of supplements you can use to improve the output of the compost tea.

However you make your compost, your garden and plants will thank you.



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