Quick And Easy Method To Care For Garden Tools

Here is a quick and easy method to care for your garden tools. This quick project is easy to do and doesn’t cost very much money.

You will need a plastic barrel or pot, an underliner, some play sand and some kind of oil. I have seen recommendations for motor oil but cooking oil is less an environmental hazard.

You will need to take your barrel cover up the hole holes in the bottom, add the play sand, then add some cooking oil; mix up the sand. Now you have a place to store your tools for quick use.

I have added a short video to demonstrate the one I have made.

You can put your hand tools in their, your shovels, pitchfork whatever, garden tool that you have – as many as you can fit. The sand is coarse and will help clean off any remaining dirt that you have left on your tool after use, while the oil helps to lubricate and protect the tool from rust.

This makes it very easy to both store your garden tools and have the tools cleaned and protected from rust at the same time. I really like my sand barrel. It is a great addition to your home gardening tools.

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