Changing Light Conditions Bring Landscape Change

Part of the fun of gardening, is that nothing remains the same; and you may need to make a landscape change. Plants grow, plants die. Light conditions change. A place that was sunny now becomes shaded, and places that were once shaded become sunny. So even if you planted something in the right place, it may no longer be the right place as time goes on.

This recently happened to us. The city had a large sweet gum tree planted along the street. This beautiful tree shaded a whole section of my front lawn. The original owner of our house had planted hostas which require shade or partial shade. When the city had to cut down the tree because of winter damage, the hostas baked in the sun. They were now totally in ithe wrong place. We had to do something else, and that something was to move plants and buy one that could take the sun.

We decided to dig up those hostas and move them to place that is a little more shady. The place we selected was underneath a Japanese maple in our front yard only 20 feet away from their original location.

We also decided to buy a low growing evergreen shrub that would be the right plant for that place and could stand the sun and heat and whose foliage is the primary interest. We selected an eonymous with green and yellow variegated foliage, which is low and spreading to 5 feet.

With just some minor landscape changes, the eonymous looks beautiful in that spot, and I like the hostas where we moved them. I do believe that we now have the hostas in the right place and the eonymous, which can take the hot summer sun, in the correct spot in our home garden. Visually, I really like it.

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