Raised Bed Gardening With Wide Garden Beds

Did you know that you can do Raised Bed Gardening with Wide Garden Beds that are mounded, and you can have the same benefits of warm garden soil as with a raised bed? You can do this. It is easy.

All you need to do to mound the soil in a wide garden bed. The mounded soil is higher than the ground level and will warm more quickly than the ground level soil, and your vegetables or other plants will grow more quickly. This way you can get all the benefits of having raised beds without having to build them. The down side is that you have to mound the soil at the beginning of every growing season.

This short video shows a garden with wide garden beds that are slightly mounded in the center and raise higher than the ground level. This fellow also has several vegetables already planted there in wide gardening beds.

I had very good results with this wide garden beds when I gardened in a community garden. I would till the soil, mound it into a 3 ft wide row, layer compost and manure on top and till that in a little bit and fertilize. I would also have paths in between for access to the beds. I got some very good results with my crops.

Now I believe that I would not till in the compost and manure as it really isn’t necessary. It will still add nutrients to my planting beds.

Another benefit of using wide beds for vegetables is that you can plant more densely than in a traditional row, yet you still have easy access to do weeding as your beds are only about 3 feet wide. In all, this is an easy way to garden at home, and one that brings good results.


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