Container Gardening – Tomatoes In Grow Bags

Container gardening is a really great way to garden if you don’t have space. I had showed you before that I have some potatoes already in some grow bags as well as a lot of other plant containers and pots with different kinds of plants in them.

What I am doing now is getting ready to plant some of the tomatoes that I had that I bought at a plant sale into the same kind of grow bags as I have my potatoes in.

I have four tomatoes, and I have two more grow bags and a bunch of pots. What I plan to do is plant two of my tomatoes in grow bags and two of them in pots. Then I will put them out in my garden side by side and see which ones do best. That way I will have a bit of a benchmark to help me decide whether I like these grow bags or not. We will see.

I have made all this video to show you how I set up the grow bags. They are nice woven plastic bags, which had a plastic stabilizing strip that you stick around the top of the grow bag. This props the bags open, and you can fill them up with compost and potting soil and plant whatever you want. I of course, have planted tomatoes. I also showed this to you in the video. Now, let the tomatoes grow.

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