Worm Composting The Easy Way With A Worm Tower

I have got to try this. I just learned a new way of doing worm composting. It is called a worm tower. I have never seen anything so interesting.

Instead of stacking several plastic bins on top of one another and sifting out the worm castings every so often, you just take one large PVC pipe, about 5-6 inches wide and tthree feet long. Then you drill holes in the bottom foot or so.

Next, you layer some manure or compost, worm bedding made from newspaper or other paper, some rough material like straw compost and the red worms. Now you start filling the tube up with table scraps. You put a plate or other object to cover the top.

The worms eat the scraps crawl out through the holes in the sides of the PVC pipe and deposit their worm castings out in the soil, fertilizing it. Then they crawl back in to the worm tower to eat more, and start all over again.

You need to keep the mix moist so the worms don’t dry out, but this seems like a really easy way of doing worm composting for the home garden.

Even though I already have a compost bin, I really need to try this. This looks like it will be really interesting. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

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