The Community Garden – Rental Garden

I love a community garden. Community gardens are wonderful way for someone to garden even when they do not have their own garden space.

People are able to garden space on their patios and decks and pots and containers. However, a community garden provides just one way one more way for them to have a vegetable garden and increase the amount of gardening room they have. I gardened in a community garden for about ten years when I had a condo, and I love being able to grow many more vegetables and flowers than I could on my deck.

Community gardens are usually rental gardens which are coordinated by a city or county. In the community garden near my home, I have learned that this is run by the local food share. They rent garden plots out to gardeners who are able to use them for the entire summer. I have heard of them throughout the US and learned of some in Holland. They may also have them in your country.

I also learned that our local community garden will also rototill, provide compost and woodchips for pathways as well as water. This is quite a bargain. Not all community gardens will rototill and provide compost, although they usually do provide water.

I’ve made a little video to show just what the local community garden looks like and some of the things that people have planted already. Enjoy! And think about the community gardens as just one more choice that you may have for vegetable gardening if you don’t have room for gardening at home.

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