Gardening Tips For Pruning Shrubs Near Your House

Here are some gardening tips on pruning shrubs near your house. You should always prune shrubs at least 12 to 18 inches away from your house.

The reason for doing this is to increase air circulation. You don’t want to have your shrubs too close to the house, because this allows moisture to condense on the wood, creating a great habitat for termites and other insects that would just love to attack the wood. Having moist conditions also allows for mold and mildew to accumulate on the siding of your house.

You will also want to increase the air circulation within your shrub, because the same moist conditions that can cause damage to your home also make fungal diseases more likely to attack your shrubs.

I am currently in the process of pruning shrubs away from my house as a part of my general home garden clean up this spring. I need to do this by next week since we have a painter coming to paint the house, and he really needs to be able to access all surfaces of the house to do his job.

One other reason for pruning shrubs away from your house is to allow access. You may have water faucets that you need to reach or utility meters that the meter reader needs to get to. You may also have things like air conditioners that need access. So you will need to keep these areas free to make them easier to get to.

So prune those shrubs away from the house.

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