Raised Beds Gardening – How To Make Raised Beds

Raised Beds Gardening – Making Raised Beds

Raised beds gardening is a better way to garden. What are raised beds anyway? Raised beds are garden beds that are above the level of the soil. Raised beds can be constructed or simple garden soil that has been formed into mounded wide rows. The method I have used most frequently was mounded wide rows. Now that I am in my current home, there were cedar raised beds already built.

Why would you want to use have a raised beds garden? For one thing, the soil has a chance to warm more quickly. Also, there is a little better drainage than gardening on level soil. You are also able to save space and plant vegetables or flowers closer together. There are also other benefits. Raised beds make it easier for elderly and disabled folks to garden.

You can make raised beds out of anything. They can be made of stacking stones, stones, wood. or composite. If you use wood, make sure that it is from untreated wood. Cedar or redwood are popular woods due to the fact that they do not decay rapidly.

If you are growing vegetables, your raised bed should be placed in a sunny spot with 8-10 hours of sun a day, preferably not on the north side of the house.

You should construct your bed no wider than 4 feet. This makes it possible for you to reach all parts of the garden bed to weed and harvest more easily. Once the beds are constructed, you should fill them with garden soil. A good mixture is half soil and half compost.

Now get ready to plant whatever you want. You can plant vegetables or flowers or a mixture of both.

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