Spring Gardening – Garden Clean Up At My House

I’m going to take you around my garden to show some of the spring gardening and garden clean up that I have been doing at my house. I have been slow getting started with spring garden tasks due to the never ending rain and extra cold and dreary spring that we have had.  But, now it seems to be a real spring now (in mid May).

This is a video that I shot of my garden and some of the spring gardening chores that I have been doing this spring.

I usually prune any shrubs that I didn’t get to last fall, unless they are spring bloomers.  I prune my clematises, and cut what remains of any perennials or grasses.  And I clean up any yard debris that remained from last fall.  I pruned my clematises much earlier this year, but never got to the grasses until recently.  The weeds are still being dealt with and are an ongoing garden maintenance task.

One of the things that we had wanted to do was to move the hazel nut shells from the back pathway out to the front, and put down some soft gorilla grass in the back pathway.  We did this because we saw that the shells hurt my kitties’ paws, and that they almost limp on the shells.  We finally got that done with a little hired help, and the kitties are very happy.  The front path is still a problem for them, but they are not there as much.

My spring pruning is not yet done, but it is well on its way and needs to be finished and soon, because we are having a painter come to do our house next week.  It will happen.

Finally, we had a brainstorm this last weekend on how to deal with glaring sun on our back deck in the summer.  We had some trellises that we just moved around and set up next to the deck.  We can grow a vine on the trellises, and I plan to make some panels out of ripstop nylon to block the sun when we need them. We are very happy with the results.

The spring garden maintenance is not yet finished, but we are finally making some headway in our garden with the weather having gotten a little better.

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