A Garden Tool I Didn’t Know I Had

Snow shovel
Creative Commons License photo credit: Noah Sussman

Last week, I discovered a garden tool I didn’t even know that I had.  How could that be?  It’s very simple.  I had ordered a load of compost to be delivered.   I planned to apply to my planting beds in the front of my house.  The delivery company came and dumped the compost into my driveway, and there I had a huge pile of compost I needed to use up as fast as I can..

I am essentially a lazy gardener and I will do anything I can to make my job easier.  My shovels are all moderately sized, and even with a wheelbarrow, spreading the compost would take some time.

Then an idea came to me.  One of my shovels, that is not a garden shovel, is much bigger than all of my other shovels.  That is my snow shovel.  And presto, the transformation of a new garden tool.  Or should I say, a repurposed snow shovel.

I will say, that using my snow shovel to sling compost onto my garden beds made the job much faster than using my other shovels.  What was even faster, was the fact that the very next day I had some extra help to do the job.  The beds now look great, and I have a new use for an old tool.  I still haven’t used up all the compost in the driveway though.

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